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Give something to smile about.

Connect your folks. Easily. Download the free ConnectMyFolks™ app onto an iPad and give it to your senior. Sign up for a free account, and start sending your loved one email, texts, photos or videos, from your computer, cell phone or digital tablet. Plug in and smile™.

Messages, photos, videos. Easily.

ConnectMyFolks™ keeps people who are not comfortable with technology connected with those who are. It lets you (and anyone you designate) easily send messages from your phone, tablet or computer. Your senior easily receives them and can respond using the non-intimidating and intuitive iPad app.

Make it easy for your senior to connect.

People of all ages love receiving messages, photos and videos of family. ConnectMyFolks™ makes it easy to share life with your favorite seniors – even if they’ve resisted technology and are unaccustomed to email. Install it on an iPad for your senior, designate approved senders, and start smiling.

Learn how ConnectMyFolks is reconnecting families.

What It Is

Connect your folks. Easily. Download the free ConnectMyFolks™ app onto an iPad and give it to your senior. Set up preferences and add names of approved senders. Start sharing your lives through email, texts, photos and videos — from any device. Plug in and smile.

Send emails, texts, photos and videos from anyone on an approved sender list.

1. Become a ConnectMyFolks user

Sign up for ConnectMyFolks and download the App onto the your senior’s iPad. The app works on all iPads. Wireless access is required in order for the senior to receive new messages. Get details of the simple 4-step sign-up process.

2. Add Contacts to the Address Book, invite them to connect.

ConnectMyFolks provides a secure, ad-free experience for your senior. To do that, you add the email addresses and – if you want to text – mobile numbers to an address book on the administrator website for ConnectMyFolks. When you add someone to the Address Book, he or she receives an invitation to send messages to the senior’s new email address.

3. Send from any device.

Senders can send from any device with email capability. ConnectMyFolks works with laptops, smart phones, desktop computers and tablets. (Texting works from any phone with service from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile.) All that’s required is that the message, text, photos or video be sent to the @connectmyfolks.com email address.

Simple, intuitive for seniors

Messages, texts, photos and videos

you send your senior are delivered using an incredibly simple interface designed specifically for those who may have no experience with technology.

Emails and texts land in the “Mail” box, photos land in “Pictures” and videos land in “Movies.” Bright yellow flags appear to alert of new items. Buttons are large and prompts are clear. A “home” button that appears on every screen makes it easy for the user to return to the welcoming home screen.

Your senior doesn’t need to worry about losing things or “breaking” the app. We’ve designed it so that the user can’t remove messages, photos or videos from the device.

3 ways for your senior to respond. Or not.

We know not all seniors are the same.

That’s why we built ConnectMyFolks to allow you to set up preferences according to your senior’s needs and abilities. For instance, we let you choose how your senior can respond to messages. Options allow for a typed reply, “quick replies” that you set up as automated replies, and even a voice recording that lands in your email as a .m4a file. You can give your senior the freedom to respond using any of these tools, or you can choose one or two. You can even designate that no replies are permitted.

Watch and learn how ConnectMyFolks is reconnecting families.

How it Works.

Your senior uses an iPad with ConnectMyFolks™ installed on it. You serve as the administrator, and set preferences and specify approved senders by setting up an Address Book. You and anyone in the Address Book send to your senior by using the free @connectmyfolks.com address that is provided when you set up a ConnectMyFolks account.

Setting up your account.

4 steps to setting up an account.

Getting started with ConnectMyFolks is an easy, 4-step process that establishes you as the administrator of your senior’s account; creates an email address for your senior; and assigns the User Name and Passcode that you’ll use when you download the app onto your senior’s iPad.

Setting up an Address Book.

The Address Book is essential to the ConnectMyFolks experience.
It is the tool that eliminates spam and ensures your senior only
hears from those he or she wants. Here’s how it works.

You are the administrator.

You add names, profile pictures, email addresses and – if you want people to be able to text into the senior’s mailbox – mobile numbers. (We support AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint.)

Contacts are invited.

When you add a name, that person receives an invitation to send to the senior’s @connectmyfolks.com email address. Contacts do not need to install ConnectMyFolks in order to send. They send from any device, to the senior’s address. It’s that simple.

Your senior smiles.

Email messages and texts arrive in your senior’s “mail” box, photos land in “pictures” and YouTube movies and links land in the “movies” box. Your senior can receive up to 50 mail messages, 50 photos in 10 albums, and 25 videos.

Make it a perfect fit.

We’ve built ConnectMyFolks to allow you to respond to your senior’s needs and preferences. As the administrator, you use the “dashboard” website to customize your senior’s settings. Simply log in to the website, and go to “Tablet Settings.” We think you’ll find the user setting options thoughtful, and simple.

Watch and learn how ConnectMyFolks is reconnecting families.

What People Are Saying

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what others are saying about ConnectMyFolks...

Another good-to-know caregiver app: connectmyfolks.com lets caregivers exchange email, texts, photos and videos with loved ones. While the caregiver can use any computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone, the care recipient only needs an iPad. Computer-phobes, there are just three buttons on the iPad!

AARP Blog,
Sally Abrahms

Whether you live across the country or just down the road, apps are a great way to keep in touch with aging parents and loved ones…. ConnectMyFolks is a free app that installs on your senior’s iPad so he or she can receive emails, texts, photos and videos without the hassle of a computer, traditional email account or other service….

The Aging Suite,
Tips and Tools for Aging in Place

…ConnectMyFolks looks like an ideal solution for my tech-fascinated (but still very last-century) father, as well as my decidedly techno-phobic mother. The free app brings together key communications — emails, photos/videos and texts — under one exceedingly simple place….

Adriana Lee,
TechnoBuffalo, June 16, 2013

It’s been so easy to get Mom up and running on ConnectMyFolks. I can’t describe the joy she has discovered by reconnecting with the rest of us. I don’t think we realized how left out she was, since she didn’t have email.

Lynn D.,
ConnectMyFolks user

You folks have a great app. This is the first time my 93-year-old father actually looks forward to checking his email. Very intuitive. He’s using the “quick reply” messages and the record feature. Thank you!

Duane J.,
ConnectMyFolks user

Are you frustrated that your mom can’t easily exchange e-mails, photos and videos with you and your kids? Then you might want to use this Mother’s Day to help her stay better connected to your family by hooking her up with the ConnectMyFolks iPad app…

New York Post,
Tech Corner, May 11, 2013

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